Unleash the Power of AI Video Analytics

Our intelligent hardware and flexible analytics modules combine to uncover game-changing business insights from your CCTV footage

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PTZ Camera

NBVR — Neuro Bionic Video Recorder — Hardware Purpose-Built for AI

Our line of intelligent network video recorders features powerful on-board analytical engines designed specifically to handle deep learning algorithms without compromising recording performance. Plus, our open architecture lets you easily enhance the built-in capabilities with add-on AI modules tailored to your needs.

Neuro Bionic Video Recorder


The Next Level: Software Analytics Ecosystem

Our NBVR serves as your on-site hardware foundation. Unlock its full AI analytics potential with our integrated software platforms.
Invoke provides business analytics and ScanX meet your security needs.

This is where you manage and expand capabilities through specialised modules and extensions. Our hardware and software together comprise a complete video intelligence ecosystem.

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AI Modules That Flex to Your Needs

Subscribe, on-demand, to our constantly growing marketplace of specialised AI modules to enable exact video analytics capabilities as your business requires — from operational optimisation to next-level security. Our subscription model allows you to scale as your needs evolve.

Table Tracker icon

Table Tracker

This module uses AI and computer vision to track cafe and restaurant table occupancy rates and turnover in real time. It detects when tables become occupied or vacant and provides data on average turnover rates. This gives managers valuable insights into customer demand and allows them to optimise seating configurations and staffing to provide better service.

Patient Wander Prevention icon

Patient Wander Prevention

Patient Wander Prevention uses real-time sensors to detect when dementia, Alzheimer’s, or psychiatric patients attempt to leave units or facilities unattended. Discreet alerts notify staff to intervene and gently redirect patients before they reach exits. This improves safety and reduces unattended patient escapes. Proactively detecting wandering patients also reduces risks to patients and to the wider public. By minimising wandering events, healthcare staff can devote more consistent care time versus periodically re-locating missing patients. This AI solution cost-effectively supplements stretched nursing staff and alleviates constant exit checks.

Repeat Offender Alert icon

Repeat Offender Alert

Repeat Offender Alert uses facial recognition to identify known criminals (shoplifters, armed robbers etc.) as they enter stores. Staff are discreetly notified to provide enhanced monitoring. Notification of entry of such individuals can be automatically routed on to the police for immediate action.

By identifying known criminals at entry points video surveillance can improve prosecution rates for repeated offences. Repeat Offender Alert serves as an always-on first line of defence against loss of stock, physical threats against staff and other customers, and improve store reputation.

Weapons Detector icon

Weapons Detector

Using our advanced deep learning algorithms, Weapons Detector identifies firearms, knives, and explosives concealed in bags, clothing or vehicles based on images taken from indoor and outdoor cameras. Staff are immediately informed once threats are detected.

Automated screening heightens security without creating bottlenecks or mistakes from manual inspections and metal detectors. Camera coverage replaces limited guard locations. Weapons Detector acts as an extra set of ever vigilant virtual eyes providing constant protection.

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Our advantages


Reduced Shrinkage

Stop invetory loss and fraud in their tracks with proactive AI-powered alerts and insights

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Lowered Facility Costs

Optimise staffing, energy usage, and operations with data derived from your CCTV streams

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Improved Safety

Create a more secure environment for employees and customers with intelligent video monitoring


Drive Efficiency

Automate redundant processes and uncover optimisation opportunities across your bussines


Accelerate Insights

Make better decisions faster with meaningful data extracted from your video feeds