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Perimeter security systems for schools and higher education institutions ensures a quick response to emergencies, providing security for students, teachers, and staff

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Shield lock

Easy-to-use security platform

  • Cloud-based platform allows you to create different perimeter monitoring scenarios
  • Set up alarm alerts and provide the emergency services with access to camera broadcasts and recordings
  • Not only teachers and security staff can access the system, but where permitted, parents who want to ensure that their child is fine at school can also access

Aggressive Behaviour Tracking

  • The monitoring platform quickly recognises conflict situations between students and sends reports to teachers as well as to parents or guardians of those who exhibit aggressive behaviour
  • Set up alarm alerts and provide the emergency services with access to camera broadcasts and recordings
  • Moreover, there is no more time wasted in searching for the video footage of the incident: the necessary material is being automatically saved to the cloud
PTZ Camera

Any weapon type detection

  • Advanced security algorithms automatically detect weapons brought to the school or college premises, even if they are concealed under clothing
  • In this case alarm notifications are immediately sent to the security desk, police and school administration
  • This, substantially reduces risk of armed intrusion and shooting and reduces response times

Recommended installation locations

Shield lock

Educational institution premises and hallways

Monitoring situations inside buildings help to identify any abnormal activity: bullying, theft and inappropriate behaviour from students and staff can be monitored and responded to appropriately


Educational institution entrance and security gate

Observation of what is happening at entrances and gates allows for the detection of access card tampering attempts, unauthorised intrusion, incidents between students/parents, as well as to capture other conflicts at turnstiles.


School perimeter surveillance

Video surveillance of car parking, playgrounds and walkways on the school grounds will keep students and school valuables, including parked vehicles, safe from malicious activity

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