Healthcare solutions

Healthcare facilities require a thoughtful approach in organising easy access control, providing security, and monitoring patients’ conditions and surrounding environment

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Centralised control system for all modules

  • Hardware-software system makes it possible to integrate all video surveillance cameras into a single network controlled by neural algorithms
  • The system can be accessed not only by hospital personnel, but also by close relatives who want a quick check on the condition of their family members who are being treated at the hospital

Effective care for the elderly and bedridden patients

  • Effective care for the elderly and bedridden patients AI algorithms can independently monitor the condition of patients and, in the event of emergencies, send notifications to the appropriate member of medical staff via console
  • Complimenting and functioning in conjunction with existing hospital monitoring systems in wards and on hospital grounds, these algorithms ensure complete patient safety and care
Doctor and a patient

Recommended installation locations


Reception area

Reception area video surveillance helps resolve disputes quickly and prevents unauthorised access


Hallways and stairwells

Hospital premises observation provides the ability to constantly monitor the condition of patients’ ensuring quick responses to emergencies

Hand with cross

Medical rooms

Overseeing the work of medical practitioners can prevent unauthorised or inappropriate treatment of patients, resolve misdiagnosis incidents, questionable prescriptions, and other patient at risk situations


In-patient care facilities

Patient safety is ensured by 24-hour surveillance and monitoring of vital functions, including body temperature, blood pressure and pulse

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