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Establishing a single platform remote access video surveillance system at stores and supermarkets not only secures the business, but enables deep analysis of customer behaviour, learn their preferences, and assess the effectiveness of your merchandising to increase their loyalty

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Cash register monitoring

  • Video analytics system efficiently detects fraudulent actions at cash registers
  • Analysis of all transactions, from cash counting to receipt deletion
  • Managerial staff of the store receive notifications and reports concerning all incidents at cash register areas and can personally intervene where necessary
Cash register

Shoplifting — prevention and response

  • Our system identifies suspicious behaviour and where criminal activity is identified, can launch immediate notification and action. Criminals have their photos and history added to the database for action across the whole company network
  • Recognition is not only facial, but it also responsive to body postures and gestures
  • Shop security and where necessary police service will be notified in case the thief reappears in the shop or indeed in any the other branches of the chain

Stock assortment and availability check

  • The Image detection module controls the fullness of the aisles, the effective display of merchandise and notification to appropriate employees about any gaps or absence of goods
  • Appropriate staff can be immediately notified in the event of Stock breakage
  • This module can create reports on the condition of display cases or shelves at specified intervals, this can assist in estimating the demand for goods, and at the same time provide feedback on the effectiveness of shop floor employees responsible for merchandising
Visitor in store

Merchandising, customer movement heatmap generation

  • Monitoring the movement of people through the shop enables the creation of heatmaps for statistical evaluation purposes. Managers can view the relative levels of interest in certain shelves and products and can profile customers as they show interest. The system is able to distinguish between employee and customer interaction with goods.
Route in store

Queue detection

  • Queue detection algorithm for checkout areas helps to avoid queues, distribute the load more evenly across shop floor personnel at checkout points, and increase customer loyalty. As queues begin to accumulate, the system notifies central administration to open up additional checkouts.
Cash register

Recommended installation locations


Sales point entrance

Observation at a sales point entrance helps collect statistics on the number of visitors, as well as recognise new and regular customers


Stores sales areas

In-store monitoring helps control employee performance quality, prevent shoplifting, and analyse customer interests and preferences


Checkout and self-service terminals

Video surveillance at payment spots makes it possible to prevent fraudulent actions and resolve disputes at the checkout zone



Warehouse monitoring is necessary to prevent theft and detect violations of storage requirements that result in the spoilage or destruction of goods

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