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Financial organisation protection system considerably enhances on-site security to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Monitor your ATMs and reduce the risk of ATM hacking, fraud and withdrawals made under duress

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Main Banking Hall monitoring

  • Video analytics system detects fraudulent activities at the counters
  • All operations are analysed: from cash acceptance and withdrawal to processing of paperwork
  • Suspicious activities are stored in the server’s separate folder and the system can be programmed to initiate immediate response to particularly serious situations
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Easy-to-use access control system

  • The access control and management platform can be scaled to all bank offices and ATM sites, offering a universal interface for monitoring events and creating surveillance scenarios
  • Besides being able to promptly detect any potential threats, it can also monitor employee performance for compliance with bank norms, thereby increasing the customer service efficiency
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Counter areas and Cash transactional and storage monitoring

  • AI algorithms within the security system can detect any type of weapon concealed under the clothes of a bank visitor.
  • Where such cases arise, bank security staff is immediately notified. Depending on the scenario, the alarm notification may be sent simultaneously to the police and to the head office of the bank for the event remote control

Recommended installation locations


Entrance and the premises

The video surveillance system combined with analytical algorithms allows to monitor the bank managers’ work, detect conflicts and spot intruders before they enter the bank


Bank counters

Cash operations monitoring allows to analyse all settlement transactions and exclude the possibility of fraud by tellers or bank clients. All controversial cases are also being recorded

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To prevent ATMs hacking and fraud at payment terminals, self-service areas should be equipped with a video analytics system that alerts of any suspicious activity

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