How it works

Our AI-powered NBVR surveillance system takes security and video analysis beyond old-fashioned CCTV. It automatically processes video, extracting insights through machine learning. This allows intelligent monitoring that focuses on what matters most.

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How Our Intelligent Video Analytics Work — From Edge to Cloud

All you need to get started is your existing cameras and one of our cutting-edge NBVR devices. Right on the edge device, video is stored and analysed in real time by our AI-powered VMS, ScanX.

To utilise video data for business intelligence, events and metadata can be seamlessly sent to our cloud-based CRM, InVoke.

InVoke derive impactful business analytics, centralises data and provides powerful tools to search and monitor. It includes specialised modules for tasks like marketing analytics, sales and logistics.

To customise your analytics, browse our Neurostore for a diverse collection of intelligent modules tailored to your needs. Our solutions grow with you, providing the specific video intelligence your organisation requires.



A regular IP camera from third-party manufacturers that you already have installed. It is important to have good image quality, the better the quality, the more complex modules can work correctly.


NBVR ScanX — best for the security

Inside of this NBVR ScanX we installed video analytics modules. After the video is processed by the neural network in real time, if no events occur, the fragment is deleted. Any events that require a more complex interface to view are sent to InVoke Cloud.

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NBVR InVoke — best for the business analysis

Video is processed on the device, events are sent to the cloud into the full-format InVoke.

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ScanX interface

ScanX. AI powered VMS

  • It has the ability to view video in real time
  • The user logs are stored into the device itself (not the cloud)
  • Interface with live camera streams and alarm center
InVoke interface

InVoke. AI powered cloud CRM

  • Сloud-based
  • Focused on business analytics
  • The interface has charts, diagrams, carefully designed for convenient event analysis


Customizable AI Modules at Neurostore

Our Neuroshop offers specialised AI modules and extentions for security, operations, compliance and more. Mix and match capabilities like access control, defect detection, queue monitoring, and so on. Flexible subscription plans let you start small and scale up as needed.

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Some examples of the modules for the ScanX VMS

  • Smart checkpoint (barriers, gates)
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Weapon detection
  • Theft
  • Intrusion
More AI modules

Some examples of the modules for the InVoke CRM

  • Marketing analytics
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing analytics
  • Sale analytics
  • Control system
More AI modules

Key features

Shield lock

End-to-End Protection

Our Smart Network safeguards your data with authenticated, encrypted connections. This allows remote access while prioritising privacy.


Smart Technology for Compression N‑SMART

We employ N-Smart, an advanced codec optimising video quality and size in real-time through AI. It pinpoints important elements for the highest fidelity while adapting to network constraints. This enables crisp video with ideal compression.


Secure Remote Access

Mobile apps grant on-the-go access secured by our encrypted Smart Network isolating devices and data. Integrations with leading cloud platforms coming soon.