Car service centre solutions

The security system for car service centres provides security, quality control checks, records cases of property damage and timely reacts to employees and clients conflict situations

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Car wash

Service quality control at car washes

  • Real-time video streaming allows carwash visitors to estimate the service quality and see if there is a queue, which in turn helps to balance the workload
  • Managers can review work quality and take corrective action where necessary
Car washing

Tyre fitting services quality control

  • Apart from evaluating customer service, the video analytics system prevents attempted theft of customer stored summer/winter tyres at the service station storage
Tire fitting
Car repair

Car repair shop quality control

  • Car repair shop quality control and training
  • Workflow monitoring at car repair shops allows for the quick identification poor workmanship, fraud or unethical practices
  • Algorithms, along with the surveillance system, record and analyse suspicious activity significantly reducing complaints or satisfactorily resolving them where they occur
Under the bonnet

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Order-taking and service areas

AI algorithms quickly detect violations and notify management if any additional services are being imposed on clients or if a conflict situation arises

Car wash

Car washrooms

Washing area control allows to identify cases of poor-quality services: for example, damage to the body paintwork or windows

Car repair

Repair and tech inspection bays

Maintenance area monitoring helps to keep track of personnel work quality, as well as to avoid part substitution cases and prevent damage to the vehicles


Tyre fitting and minor repair areas

Supervision of tire fitting operations makes it possible to analyse the work competence and prevent fraud attempts: for example, when returning tires left for storage

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