Production and storage

Our video analytics system allows the monitoring of production personnel and the condition of goods through the production and logistics processes

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Employee access management

  • The management platform enables strict control of employee access to the warehouse areas and to keep track of their working hours
  • The facial recognition system identifies warehouse and production floor personnel and can therefore be used for determining access levels to different areas
  • Physical ID cards are now redundant
Storage area
Shield check

Monitoring occupational health and safety compliance

  • To prevent job-related injuries, employees are required to wear personal protective equipment such as helmets, respirators, and other PPE
  • Our system identifies workers who are not complying with established health and safety procedures and notifies management or site security
  • Prompt action reduces injuries, compensation expenses (and therefore associated insurance premiums), lowers intervention buy government bodies/trades unions and reduces reputational risk

Process of Goods monitoring

  • Continuous surveillance of goods allows to monitor their compliance at every stage: production, distribution, warehousing, orders processing and shipment to customers
  • In cases of damaged goods our system can identify circumstances and validate claims made by customers. This information can be used for the formulation of corrective action to avoid future repetition

Recommended installation locations


Production zones, Warehouses, distribution centres

Warehouse monitoring is necessary to suppress theft of goods and detect improper storage/handling conditions


Goods pick-up sections

Monitoring the unloading process helps identify box crashes and damage before the goods arrive at warehouse


Distribution Centres

Video surveillance of personnel responsible for order handling enables the detection of damaged goods before shipment thus enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing replacement costs


Customer pick-up points

Delivery and distribution monitoring is necessary to improve service quality and analyse disputes that arise during order checks and returns

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