Private property solutions

Adjacent territory and communal spaces surveillance is necessary to suppress vandalism, detect administrative infractions and prevent criminal activity

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Shield lock

House and property intrusion detection

  • Video surveillance and video analytics, working in conjunction with other security systems permits the observation of large areas and timely detection of suspicious incidents. Such identification can trigger automated response (security, Police etc.)
  • Working in combination with facial recognition the surveillance system can detect trespassing the secured area and prevent access to the client's property

Vehicle surveillance

  • Round-the-clock car park monitoring and video analytics enables the home owner or security service of the residential estate to react in a timely manner to vandalism or attempted theft
  • Additionally, our system recognises vehicle registration plates for easy access to private parking and conversely blocking unauthorised access
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User-friendly monitoring and control system

  • Cloud-based system with remote access provides security to the buildings, people and their property
  • Flexible scenarios that can be created directly from the software control interface offer electronic access card management, visitor registration and real-time video surveillance

Recommended installation locations


Property adjacent territory

Residential estate perimeter surveillance ensures the safety of playgrounds, hooliganism/vandalism detection and property theft prevention


Entrance, lobbies, and elevators

Entrance access control stops any unauthorised persons from trespassing the communal areas and prevents vandalism


Underground and surface car parks

Underground car parking video surveillance minimises the possibility of vehicle theft, and in case of property damage quickly identifies the perpetrators

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Experience the Full Potential of AI-Powered Video Analytics

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