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Advanced monitoring system for restaurants and cafes that detects fraud, provides feedback on employee effectiveness, and increases visitor satisfaction and loyalty

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Fraud prevention

  • Employee tracking and monitoring platform offers real-time fraud detection at the counter, in the kitchen and in the warehouse
  • If drinks are illegally mixed or served below standard our system immediately notifies management
  • Cameras monitor cash handling and access to warehousing and storage by staff providing instant feedback in case of unauthorised activity

Supervising employee performance

  • Reduce the need for supervisory staff, our video analytics system can handle it
  • Workplace discipline, timekeeping and compliance with company work practices can be monitored and corrective action applied where needed. In case of conflicts between employees or customers, the business owner is notified and has at their fingertips camera data on the incident
Waiter and visitors

Cash register transactions control

  • Video analytics system captures all transactions at the till, from cash counting to receipt deletion
  • Suspicious activities are stored on the server in a separate folder, allowing the restaurant or cafe owner to personally analyse incidents as they arise
  • Management will receive instant notification in the event of suspicious activity
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Recommended installation locations


Establishment entrance

Cafe and Restaurant entrance surveillance makes it possible to collect statistics on the number and type of visitors as well as keep a record of regulars vs. new faces


Main serving area and outside seating areas

Video surveillance provides feedback on service quality control, customer and staff activity, and for resolving conflict situations

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Kitchen and food storage areas

Compliance with sanitary and preparation standards during the storage and preparation of food Compliance with health and safety standards is essential in keeping business licences


Cash handling areas

Cash till transactions monitoring helps to avoid fraudulent behaviour from both personnel and customers

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